About the Company

    The single-member limited liability company DRUM EOOD was established in year 2011 in the town of Blagoevgrad. The company began its business by manufacturing wooden cable drums. A couple of years later, the company specialized in the production of pallet items and those became its main product. The company invested in increasing its capacity and in year 2015 managed to double its productive capacity and launched a new line for processing small round wood.

    In year 2018, DRUM EOOD initiated design and development of a new pellet shop, and it is now ready and functioning. The pellet shop meets all the safety production requirements.

    During the year 2019, the company introduced and commissioned its largest investment for the moment – a state-of-the-art automated production line for sawn timber. This is a custom-made line, it is designed and manufactured especially for Drum EOOD and its implementation brought a significant increase in quantity and improvement of quality of our products.

    During the year 2022, the company opened a new department for its activities - a warehouse with a line for measuring, debarking and sorting logs with an implemented 3D scanner. This investment greatly improved the processes of material’swarehousing and reporting, our production efficiency and our product quality have increased.

    During the year 2023, our pellets received the EN plus – A1 quality certificate.

    In the course of the nearly 12-year period in business, the company managed to build and gain a flawless reputation of a reliable partner and employer. Therefore, the company maintains steady relationships with its suppliers and relies on them for the regular supplies of materials and raw materials required. At the same time and owing to our loyal customers we have managed to secure the sales of our products on long-term basis.

    In future, Drum EOOD is planning to increase its sales, as well as to invest in the production of new products meeting the highest global quality standards.